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Brandy Harrington sticks a banana up her ass

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is an American animated cartoon show about a pooch and a hyperactive, pompous rabbit that get stuck in the Amazon Rain Forest together. As far as I know, dogs don’t like eating bananas… Brandy has found another way to use a large phallic banana though – she just stuck it up her ass crack! You can see it in her face that she likes it – and is really enjoying the pleasure it gives her. Pooch is getting bigger and a banana is no longer enough… Now she decides to taste sperm. Brandy gives a deep sloppy blowjob and receives her dose of jizzum – now she knows for sure what she’s gonna do to Mr. Whiskers. To be continued… – huge choice of famous toon porn drawn by Multik!

Jake Long, the American Fucker

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

I’m glad to present the following two pics based on the plot of the Walt Disney’s cartoon American Dragon: Jake Long to your attention. Jake Long is a guy possessing the ability to turn into a dragon. Well, actually it doesn’t really matter which form he takes – he’s always ready to give his girlfriend Rose a good fucking. Rose is far from being a goody-goody too – she loves blowing Jake’s meat, loves big messy facials and three-way fucking… Yeah, little Rose is one real dirty girlie. The first pic I’ve drawn exposes Jack fucking Rose’s face with his huge dragon dick and creaming her. On the second pic he’s already turned into the American Dragon – and get caught gangbanging Rose in the company of his buddy. – huge choice of famous toon porn drawn by Multik!