Sexy gargoyle bitch Demona

The metamorphoses of various superhero studs and sluts have always played a great part in my works – you can see it on the example of the porn parody I drew after watching Gargoyles cartoon. Just a couple of pics here but… I really did put all my heart into them! You will have the chance to compare the two forms of irresistible gingerhead Demona and say which one of them is hotter. On the first picture she’s perfectly human – long shapely legs, round booty, tight slit oozing with juice under the attack of Goliath’s tongue… On the second one, however, she turns into that blue-skinned sex monster satisfying her insane sex hunger during a dirty doggy-style fuck with Brooklyn. Yum! – huge choice of famous toon porn drawn by Multik!
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5 Responses to “Sexy gargoyle bitch Demona”

  1. emperor Says:

    dude, this is great! i love it! do you got any more? please mail them to me.

    and if you now some site with this kindda work it would be great.

    nice job! keep it up! :)

  2. hot Says:

    i wish i was galioth

  3. ron Says:

    damm i would love to tap her sweat blue twat

  4. Black Hat Millionaire Says:

    Glad I just found your wordpress blog through Google.

    Found just what I was looking for, thanks =)

    Btw, wat plugins are you using??

  5. /lkjn Says:


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