Sakura puts her sweet ass under attack

Guess that it’s not a secret for anyone that little Sakura has got the best ass in the xxx world of Naruto hentai – that’s why she gets it stretched so often! Watch her dancing chocolate cha cha with Gaara while Naruto is eating her slit – and letting this skillful carpet mucher test her asshole for tightness!

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One Response to “Sakura puts her sweet ass under attack”

  1. rex Says:

    I love your stuff and a big fan of your latest Mary-Kate & Ashley in XXX action drawings. I have a request for your next Mary-Kate & Ashley in action drawing. Could you do a cartoon set parody of Amber and her twin Misty meeting up with a cartoonish version of Mary-Kate and Ashley and the characters from their film Holiday in the Sun? During their holiday stay at the hotel Mary-Kate and Ashley catch sleuthing Amber and Misty getting it on with their parents in the hotel room. The shocked discovery leading to an an incestual coupling of not only Mary-Kate and Ashley getting it on with their parents but also their doppleganger selves Amber and Misty. What you think? Double, double trouble. Perhaps the films Mary-Kate & Ashley and their parents could be drawn in a cartoonish version of the film. Below is a link to photos. Hope you may draw it.

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