Batman, Frankie and Dexter’s mom at cartoon party

I’ve always been eager to combine toon heroes from different series in one scene. This time I’d decided to try it and… Here is what it led to! After playing some pool and taking a large portion of booze, Dexter’s mommy comes looking for a new sex victim. Meanwhile, Batman sticks his cock into the juicy pussy of Frankie, the heroine of Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends toon show. Hot nasty slut Frankie has already hooked it up with hundreds of Imaginary Friends from the Foster’s Home, including Mr. Herriman, Mac, Eduardo and even Bloo. Well, sure, Batman is a good superhero and stuff – but it doesn’t mean that he will miss the chance to bang a loose bitch appearing within his reach! – huge choice of famous toon porn drawn by Multik!
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    that nasty

  3. laboratory dexter's laboratory Says:

    In total, 137 different episodes have aired since the show debuted.
    “There’s an outline, which is usually only about three pages I create with the writers,”
    says Ward. Because of this Reid grew up learning just about everything he knows
    from reading books.

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