Family Guy’s perverted sex secrets

Family Guy is supposed to be a cartoon about ideal husband but… Well, four-eyed fatso Peter Griffin might be tender and caring and shit – but to me he doesn’t seem to be a good fucker. His wifey, redhead beauty Lois Griffin, is a real sex pot, though – probably that’s what made the plot of my new artworks based on the Family Guy toon so kinky. On the first pic you will see Lois giving up her attempts to fluff Peter up and getting a good portion of deep and tender carpet munching from… From her doggy Brain! Nice warmup before real action, huh? Get ready for the dessert – a pic exposing the Family Slave Peter getting dominated by Merciless Mistress Lois!

The Simpsons take an unforgettable sex vacation

Hell yeah, here goes my favorite yellow-skinned family from the town of Springfield! I’ve been a great fan of the Simpsons series for I don’t know how long, so I guess it’s no wonder why I got pretty skilled in depicting their sexual adventures… 🙂 The two pics I’m to expose this time show a perfect family vacation by Simpsons’ – Marge fucking with a horny mustachioed ski instructor Ned Flanders on top of a big snow bank, horny Homer thrusting his throbbing meat up his wifey’s juicy snatch on the chaise-longue under the scorching sun of the Bahamas… Hm, but where is my dearly beloved little hoochie Lisa Simpson? Be back as soon as I finish a real nasty hardcore scene featuring her!